detailed metrics

Gender inequities are often identified through anecdotal data. However, to develop a positive, equitable culture, healthcare organizations need a more robust, detailed, quantifiable understanding of their entire workforce.

Through an anonymous, mobile (app-based) baseline employee assessment, we establish a snapshot of your organization's culture at a given time, and then track it over time (monthly, quarterly or yearly). Detailed analytics provide the "temperature" of your organization across 5 KEY DOMAINS.  Our mobile, easy to use, tested, data-secure survey assessment tool provides you the quantitative data that allows for precise analysis of areas pain points in your workplace culture.    

This type of anonymously reported data, collected in real-time, will more accurately capture your workplace environment.  

Human kindness, professional respect, equity and transparency are key and essential elements of successful healthcare organizations.  Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to take action to improve workplace culture, increase physician productivity, retain a happy and loyal workforce, close pay and promotion gaps, and ultimately strengthen the reputation of your organization in the larger community.