Gender Equity Culture Analytics

Pay & Promotion Gap Analyses for Healthcare Organizations


We believe workplace equity is a value integral to every company and healthcare organization

  • EQ supports healthcare organizations in their mission by performing pay and promotion gap analyses

  • EQ's anonymous mobile-based app performs aggregated employee assessments, and measurement of culture-based metrics across five key domains

  • EQ's analytics come with stratification for gender, racial and sexual identity

  • EQ provides in-person consultative services, aligns employee experience with workplace metrics, and identifies specific areas for organizations to target for improvement

  • EQ tracks employee outcomes before and after training and interventions, e.g. implicit bias training, so clients know if their workplace training is effective in influencing culture positively

PAY & PROMOTION GAPS harm an entire workforce and decrease morale and productivity.  At Equity Quotient we support pay and promotion transparency and we help you get there with a thorough, in-depth analysis so you and your workforce are confident in the knowledge that everyone is paid and promoted based on equivalent criteria without regard to gender, race or sexual identity

BURNOUT affects women and men, and the attrition and loss of physicians in a workforce is a significant cost burden to healthcare organizations.  Pay equity, promotion equity, and a positive workplace environment will save every organization tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars (depending on the size of the medical group), in costs for physician recruitment, credentialing/privileging and training. 

WORKPLACE culture is difficult to quantify. The experience of individual employees within a department, hospital, or healthcare system is often opaque, even - or especially - to organizational leadership. Creating a positive and equitable workplace culture is a target for all organizations.  Sexual harassment and gender inequity harm every layer of the workplace environment.

DISCRIMINATION or harassment in the workplace are often defined anecdotally, and only after sentinel events, or marked employee attrition.  And while anti-discrimination and sexual harassment training and policies do protect against lawsuits---they aren't designed to create an equitable workplace.

A CULTURE OF EQUITY in the workplace should be approached as would any organizational challenge -- with objective data. Healthcare leaders need to know, "Why are good employees leaving?"  "Why are there so few women in leadership?" "Is there a perception of unfairness or even of harassment among our employees?" "How can any problems be identified early, before they become major problems for the employee and the organization?"

EQUITY QUOTIENT helps you create a positive, equitable workplace environment, sustain a loyal and satisfied workforce, and maximize productivity.



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